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You’re Invited

Consider this a video invitation. This is what I really want my website to be about. Call it a blog, call it a vlog, call it whatever you want. My goal is to promote connection through conversation. I believe that this spirit of cooperation brings people together. I also believe that cooperative spirit can lead to collaboration, the joining of forces to accomplish more than we could accomplish on our own. And often, where has been collaboration, you find connection. It may be personal, or professional or some hybrid of both. But connection is the natural fruit of cooperation and collaboration. If you’ve listened to or read anything I’ve produced in recent years, you know that I believe empathy is the secret sauce to solving most of the challenges that face humanity. Empathy is part of the DNA of connection.

So this little video is my invitation. I want to have a conversation. The topics will vary. We will cover subjects like love and grief, joy and triumph, along with pain and despair. I want to talk about fear, and I want to talk about confidence. Mostly, I want to hear from you. I want to share story.

In this, the sharing of story, we create greater opportunity for connection. The more we’re connected, the less we’ll fight, hate, divide or fear one another. As I clarify my topics and create a little road map moving forward, you may get an email or a text message from me, or heaven forbid, a phone call! Yeah, I’m old school that way.

I really don’t know what this is going to become, but I’m really looking forward to it.

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