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My Three C’s

It is my assertion that we were built for connection. Our humanity years for it. Our genetics reveal it. Our world needs it. Part of the problem, as I see it, is that connection must first begins with self. We cannot blast through life unaware that there is a human heart with needs sitting right inside our chest

Self-awareness is a big buzz word right now. It seems to be an attribute many are trying to lay claim to. I hope it is so. I suggest, if you are not spending time actively engaged with your own heart, your own soul, your own quietness, then becoming self-aware is a difficult, if not impossible road. Like fitness, good nutrition or making art, it requires practice.

When you listen to people who meditate, they talk of their practice. It is just that. It is do fractured and distracted at first. The mind wanders to every possible corner of our livers. However, persistence (read: practice) pays off and, over time, you become much more able to quiet the noise and spend time with yourself. This, not books or false humility, self-deprecation or self-loathing, is the source of self-awareness.


“Stillness… This is where your knowingness, your remembrance and your inner compass reside. Breathe into this space. Arrive here for a moment with an awareness to the power that lies but an inch inward. Give yourself over to it… all you seek, all you desire, all the destinations you have in mind for yourself. Give it to this unique navigation system and allow it to recalibrate you.”

~Sez Kristiansen


If your pursuit of self-awareness leads you to judgment, reset. Recognize the thought for what it is and set it aside. Of course, if you have things left undone or unsaid, go make things right as far as it depends on you. Then, cut yourself some slack, Jack and breath in the beauty and wonder that is this life, this world, this YOU!

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