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You have places to go, things to do, experiences to gain and people to meet. Steps are a necessary part to getting there. Simple, right? Steps. Just one after another. Do all steps matter? Even missteps? What about those?

Missteps occur for many reasons, most of those have to do with laziness. Some are due to a lack of clarity regarding destination. We kinda know where we’re going. We have ideas or dreams that we’ve imagined over time. Yet too often we set out in pursuit of those dreams without clarity. Where we are really going? Maybe we are running away from something instead of running TO something? And, as the Bard would say, therein lies the rub!

Steps and missteps accumulate to create a journey. Those who find meaning and fulfilment are often those who “get” to where they intended. In other words, they follow a path. To be sure, they make missteps along the way. We all do! But these reasoned few know “where” and they know “why” they trod, as a result, the missteps stand out like beacons, demanding correction. The tragedy of missing the mark or ending up in a place you never intended is sometimes the result of bad luck. Most times, it is the result of bad choices… compounded!

A bad step or twenty is not the problem. Recognition is the problem, followed by the lack of resolve. Resolve; how fitting a word! Origins of the word imply a meaning of “separate into components,” and later, “determine, decide upon”.  I really like the imagery and the ah-ha of that definition and origin.

If “resolve” involves breaking an act or decision or anything into components, it must be in part for the purpose of evaluation and decision making. So then, a lack of “resolve” reveals a setting forth on some action or journey absent the clarity necessary for achieving desired results. There’s that “rub” again!

Key to this process is clarity of thought. If our doing comes from our being, then taking time to be, to rest, to listen to our hearts and get out of our heads is a critical pre-step to action. If your journey has seen too many unfortunate detours, my first suggestion is to embrace the lesson of those experiences and add them to your collective. Then, quiet your mind and open your heart and listen. If you have a destination in mind, I encourage the process of finding resolve, of breaking it down into components and weaving together a map to get you where, or who you want to be. Then, first steps…

I’m unsure the original source but this quote seems apropos; “If we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll keep getting what we’ve always gotten.” If life has worked out OK for you so far, I suggest it is likely because you have followed a plan. Now you simply need to make sure it is your plan! But if you are progressing, you have taken steps that were considered in advance. It is likely you also recognized quickly, because of that awareness, the missteps along the way and course corrected.

The home page of my blog shows an image of a road. It is significant to me. It is my “Camino”, my journey. It disappears into the horizon. The bends and twists ahead remain unknown. However, it follows a consistent course. It follows a path set by the desires of my heart. Many missteps on my part have required much in the way of course correction. Yet… progress!

Set your course with the clarity that can only come from you, from your heart. Adjust as needed and when you stumble on a path due to lack of resolve, embrace the suck, learn whatever it is that experience can teach you and course correct.

If we learn to follow our path with resolve, we find ourselves in a destination of our choosing with a life of beauty filled with experiences to mark the path. If the path we set is based on love and marked by Cooperation, Collaboration and Connection, then our destination will be Congruent with who we are. Nifty how I was able to weave in my 4 C’s into this dramatic conclusion, huh?

So, to your journey and the path ahead, quoting one of the all-time great rock bands; Ramble on!

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