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Season’s Change

Take time. Rest. Renew. Follow the lead of nature and go dormant at times. Don’t have time? Time is a made up thing anyway but even so, find some. Find moments. Take 15 minutes in the early morning to reflect, meditate, pray or journal. Not a morning person? Try later in the evening. Take a walk at lunch. Sit on a bench. Start a book that’s been on your list all of last year. I have several! Read a chapter. Listen to a song, or even an album! It becomes a self-fulfilling activity and suddenly, the “time” appears as your desire for that time grows.

During different “season’s” of life, your body, mind and spirit may beg for down time. Give it to yourself. You may find a much higher level of performance, both quality and quantity, during these seasons. You will almost certainly walk into the next literal or figurative season renewed, with greater energy and clarity.

Please, don’t wait for retirement, vacation or the weekend. NIAYH!

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