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Re-Write, Do-Over, Begin Again

There is such beauty in this photo. It brings back fond memories for me. Yet, if we could zoom way in to the lives encompassed by this photo, we would find pain, suffering, hardship and difficulty. We would also find more beauty, joy, love and laughter than a photo could possibly contain.

We are all victims in life. Stuff happens that is outside of our control. Some good, some bad, some ambivalent, or seemingly so. All victims are not equal, and all experiences are not the same. Some traumas are severe and life altering. Some are devastating and occur to people at ages and in places where they lack the resources to effectively cope in the moment. Many are not.

Regardless, over time, our response, rather than those experiences, will determine outcomes more clearly than the actual experience. If you read that and feel it minimizes suffering or find it insensitive, you are not understanding my meaning. A brief review of our history as humans reveals that from the very worst environments, from birth defects to casualties of war to concentration camps to outbreaks of disease, starvation, famine, etc. have come some of the most compelling stories in human history of overcoming. There are do-overs. But we must choose them.

Circumstances sometimes suck. However, often it is our expectation and response that sucks. Life is and will be unfair at times. Our only effective response is to change us, to determine our response rather than to let the circumstance do so for us.

Without a compelling, positive vision for what your life can be, you are left to be defined by the circumstance of the past. It is common. The results are also common.

If you’re not being defined by a vision of the future, then you are left with the old memories of the past and you will be predictable in your life.

~Dr. Joe Dispenza

We abdicate authority to our baser instinct when we hold on to the negative experience that are part of our story. We control outcomes when we redefine our response to the circumstances, even tragedies of life. Choose powerfully. Do not let your environment control how you think and feel. Life is short, we don’t get to do it all over again. There is so much beauty, wonder, joy and love to be given and received. Don’t allow the past to define your future.

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