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Out of Order

So which side exactly is the “wrong side” of the bed? I need to determine this scientific anomaly soon. It seems today I woke up on it, but as is often the case with early waking hours, I don’t remember which side it was. I need to figure this out, and fast.

The past several days I’ve clearly slept on the right side of the bed, the side that gives you a positive outlook, a well-rested feeling, an eager anticipation for what the day may bring. That was not this morning! I dutifully had my time of mindfulness and meditation. I drank my necessary morning cup of coffee or two. I had my reflective music on in the background. And yet…

Inspiration is a funny thing. I used to see its absence as some form of block. I don’t really view it that way anymore. I am filled with a lifetime of inspiration, yet in the moment, all of that can fade into distant memory. Especially at times where I search for it. Perhaps that is what writers block really is for me. I suspect my notion of inspiration has been a bit out of order.

Is it a bit like searching for your passion in order to d meaningful work? Passion is this elusive thing that we think we need to have regarding our endeavors before we can commit ourselves, with vigor, to the task at hand. But that constraint has been flipped, and I think rightly so, with the notion of choosing to be passionate about the work you should do, the work that is in front of us. Choosing to do the work in front of us with passion will often make us passionate about the work we need to do. Maybe it’s not our dream job or our dream task. But if we perform it with passion, perhaps it stirs our heart and feeds our soul. Perhaps it touches the life of another and encourages or supports the work they need to do. It certainly makes us more effective in that task, job, function, or duty. I think that Seth guy nailed it (again)…

“Offer me something I’m passionate about and I’ll show up with all of my energy, effort and care.”

That’s a great way to hide.

Because nothing is good enough to earn your passion before you do it. Perhaps, in concept, it’s worthy, but as soon as you closely examine the details and the pitfalls, it’s easy to decide it’s better to wait for a better offer.

What about considering the opposite?

“Offer me a chance to contribute, and I’ll work hard on it, with focus, and once I begin to make progress, I’ll become passionate about it.”

Work before passion measures our craft in terms of contribution, not in an idealized model of perfection.

Passion comes from feeling needed, from approaching mastery, from doing work that matters.”

~Seth Godin

Historically, the problem for me has been that I view my current reality as a destination. Why I do this, I have no idea. I know it isn’t so. My current reality is just a place to be right now. Choosing to do what I need to do today with an open and willing heart and a commitment to excellence, has every opportunity to produce passion. And if it doesn’t, well then tomorrow is a new day. Yes, easier said than done but this will be my intention.

For me, it’s still fairly early in the day. I have no idea what this day will deliver. There could be some unexpected joy, some welcome news. There could be pain, there could even be tragedy. But here’s the good news; I only have *this* moment. So instead of wringing my hands over today’s lack of inspiration, I’m going to experience the life that unfolds before me today and try to find my inspiration in that. As I type those words, I know I will fail at times to execute this lovely plan. But that is my plan and I’m sticking with it. Mostly because wringing my hands just makes them sore.

I will welcome, with enthusiasm, those days when inspiration comes over me like a flood. But in the between times, I am going to try to do the work. Today feels like one of those times.

Photo by Murilo Silva on Unsplash

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