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This acronym came to me through my friend, Patrick Curtain. It is the name of a local Portland band and it has become the helpful and sometimes haunting theme of my life. Now Is All You Have; a simple but forgettable truth.

As Apollo reminded Rocky (after his ass-kicking at the hands of Clubber Lang), as I am reminding you, as life reminds us all, THERE IS NO TOMORROW.

Your vision may not be realized in the moment. Your accomplishment may require more than the results this day can deliver. The objective may not be reachable in this 24-hour period but…

BUT… we can make progress towards the life we choose. My plan is simple; “To encourage those around me to live with purpose, vision and clarity.” That is my priority.

So I’d better get busy. It won’t be accomplished today but, since there is no tomorrow, what I can do, what I can give, what I can accomplish today, I must. The decision is not about reinventing your life in a day. The decision is to act now, in this moment towards a life of meaning and purpose. Outcomes will take care of themselves.

Live today. Come alive by choosing progress and a process consistent with your plan. Fitness is achieved this way. Finances are secured this way. Weight is lost this way. Career goals are met this way. Relationships are built this way. Vision is achieved this way. A life of meaning and purpose is lived this way.

Live now and live well… because there is no tomorrow.

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