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In Case You Were Wondering…

One of the things I absolutely love about my new endeavor as a licensed Realtor is the ability to set my own calendar, priorities and schedule. Of course, this is the often and easily abused part of self-employment. However, as I grow my real estate business, I am actively and eagerly involved in a few other projects. I imagine it’s a bit like learning to paint. You’re going to make a mess at first but if you keep at it, it will begin to look like art!

Of course, my blog/vlog will continue ( This is my labor of love and I have been upgrading my equipment for a more professional look and feel. Blogging and/or Vlogging is an outlet for sharing this amazing life with the world to which I am so beautifully and gratefully connected. Writing as an expression has evolved to include short talks via video. To that end, a nice 4K camera and a studio quality mic have been the most recent additions to my little home studio. The intent is to create a web-based “conversation” on topics that move the needle, at least in my world.

I imagine it’s a bit like learning to paint. You’re going to make a mess at first but if you keep at it, it will begin to look like art!


Recently launched and updated on various social media sites is my role in Cultural Global Labs. My friend and business partner, Antimo Cimino, along with Lori Welch, rolled out the concept for CGL built on promoting leadership development for the global marketplace. We have five foundational pillars that are the heartbeat behind CGL. Those are:

  • Vulnerability – You must begin with an open heart and mind, a willingness to know and be known. In other words, we need to be authentic or congruent with who we really are.
  • Story – Story is what connects us. There are many amazing people with stories that are remarkable.
  • Connectedness – Through vulnerability and story we find connection. Not “sameness” but connection.
  • Transformation – The process is designed to help us expand as people. A static life is less than we deserve.
  • Growth – Of course, the final objective is that we would be grow as a result of our increased understanding of ourselves and others.

In decades past, the concept of a global marketplace was relegated primarily to large corporations. As the world shrinks, many small to mid-size business, organizations and non-profits have accepted the necessity and benefit of a more global perspective. To that end, creating resources and training to increase our collective understanding of the uniqueness and contribution a variety of cultures can contribute to the effectiveness and success of any endeavor is being acknowledged as imperative.

Diversity and inclusion, multiculturalism, identity, emotional intelligence and leadership development are just some of the concepts that will be explored in these global conferences. What sets CGL apart is the “L”. After adding tools to our collective tool kits, CGL seeks to immediately apply these principles in practice in the “lab” of surrounding communities at each event. Our kick-off event, this June in Lecce, Italy is loaded with some of the thought leaders in this field. You can get a comprehensive perspective here ( along with registration details on the event and the amazing facilitators who will be bringing their unique and specific contribution to these topics. My role as “Partner” is to work alongside Antimo to do the preparation and promotion to insure maximum impact. This is a project that qualifies as a labor of love as well!

Real Estate is my vocation. It is my “day job” which, as any Realtor can attest, is a misnomer. The fascination with Real Estate is a natural extension of my career in the mortgage world. Working with people, listening to their needs, wants and dreams and crafting effective solutions for buying or selling their homes is its own reward. Having bought and sold a few properties, and having worked with hundreds of clients over the years on the mortgage side, I have great respect and appreciation for dedicated real estate professionals who know their market and their business and, most importantly, take the time to know their clients by asking good questions and then listening for understanding.

What I have built over the past two decades is a network of connections in this field. As an Area or Regional Manager, I built relationships with many of the Realtor’s in the marketplace and, as a result, have an existing connection with some of the region’s top agents. Equally valuable, I know most of the managing brokers. Should a problem arise, that network expands my potential resource base for finding an effective solution. Likewise, I know many, if not most of the lenders in town. In many cases I also know their branch managers and regional managers. When lending issues arise, as they often do, even for well qualified home buyers, I have a deep and wide network of potential advocates and solution providers on speed dial!

Finally, the role of Title and Escrow plays a vital role and the third leg of the real estate trifecta. Like the mortgage lenders and real estate professional in town, I have worked with many of the escrow officers and their associated title companies. Also like the Realtor’s and lenders, my roles in the past have given me reason top have effective working relationships with many of the area and regional managers for those companies. Once again, those connections are part of my network for expediting issues, solving challenges and finding advocates for my clients in all aspects of buying or selling a home.

It is that collective experience and network that I bring as part of my overall value proposition to my clients and to my real estate peers involved with each client buying or selling a home. Like most endeavors, it is all about relationship and I worked hard over my career to build that network. Those collective resources are what I bring to each opportunity, to each peer/professional involved, and to my clients.

Of course, I am also and always looking for my next adventure too. Having completed the Camino de Santiago recently, my appetite for more is off the charts. Stay tuned as I can’t resist sharing these amazing experiences as I check more off my bucket list. There is a big, beautiful world out there filled with amazing, unique humans who bring such vivid color to the experience of life. My priority is to have a lifetime of connecting with those amazing people through shared experience, collaboration and mutual respect. The world has so much richness and beauty. I encourage you to travel as much, as far and as often as possible. Nothing will expand your mind and your heart quite like the connections borne through travel!

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