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I Doubt It

Do you believe in you? I mean, really believe in you. Are we willing to step out into the discomfort of being who we really are? Of doing work that matters in a way that is consistent with our core. What do you really want? Not wishes. Those are romanticized ideas that aren’t really core. But what is always there? What tugs at your mind and your heart? What is your art?

What I loved about this video from Jim Carey was that his result was directly attached to his passion, his art, his work! It was not some fanciful “wish” of wanting $10 million. It was the direct result of pursuing his vision for being a successful actor. There’s the rub. If you just want money without effort, play the lottery and good luck with that. It is no coincidence that many who win large lottery jackpots end up far worse than they began because there was no process that led to fulfillment. They just became instantly rich and then they weren’t.

“I learned that if you fail at what you don’t love, you might as well do what you love. There is really no choice to be made.”

If you want fulfillment but you are not doing what is consistent with your being, I suggest your path will be frustrating. If you are of the precious few who choose differently, who find a way to make a life, and a living, doing what they really care about, you have found life.

Go ahead, paint! It’s your canvas. Make from it whatever you will.


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