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Find Your Passion In The Process

Maybe it is not about finding our passion. We might be better served to commit to the work in front of us, do it with plan and purpose, and the passion follows? My focus is on the next thing. I endeavor to do that well and see where opportunity intersects with effort. Health, fitness, finances, vocation, avocation, hobbies, and even relationships. All might be better served by seeking to do the work well, have a plan and following a plan, and find joy/passion in the journey.
Nearly 6 decades of life have convinced me this will lead us towards meaningful work and/or finding meaning in our present work. 

“Human connection is exponential. It scales as we create it, weaving together culture and possibility where none used to exist. You have everything you need to make magic. You always have. Go make a ruckus.”
~Seth Godin, The Practice

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