Deeper Still • Faulkner Group
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Deeper Still

We have art to make. We have work to do that might not feel like work. We have people to meet. We have a world to change, one life, one connection at a time. So, lets not only appreciate our depth, at the depth of others, let’s celebrate it by connecting with it.

Go deeper. Be first, then do. Connect with yourself first. Disconnect for moments each day. Reflect. Meditate. Pray. Be. Set yourself free. Know that the old stories aren’t you. They do not exist in the present. They were but not are. In this moment, which is all we really have on this spinning ball, take time to release the past, the stories that you’ve allowed to define you and set a new baseline of intention.

What matters most to you? Who are you and how do you want to live? Then… LIVE!

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