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Cooperation, Collaboration and Connectedness

I spend a great deal of time thinking and talking about connection. It is my primary passion and curiosity in life. It is my conviction that external connection is most effective when we are healthy, balanced and connected internally with self. How we go about that in a crowded and demanding world is the topic of this series. There are many great resources in this arena, but I thought I would share some reflection having just returned from the Camino de Santiago.

If you are unfamiliar, give it a Google. It was at or near the top of my list in life experiences. It was also an amazing time of self-reflection and connection. Walking 25 to 35 kilometers each day for 34 days through the Spanish countryside, with fellow sojourners from all over the globe, was a transformative experience. Perhaps some of the insights gained might be interesting to you. Perhaps you’ve had your own experience on your journey inward and can shed some light on how that led you to a better place of understanding and connectedness?


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