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Choose Powerfully

Life has struggles. Some days seem to exceed our capacity. I understand your pain does not necessarily register with me and vice-versa. This is not about ignoring the very real struggles we face and yet… Is it real? Is it a struggle? Does it really matter? Have we given to much place and priority to less significant matters and magnified them in our hearts and/or minds?

Life dishes. Sometimes it hits hard and we are dropped to our knees or flat on our faces, but this is rare. When we give place to people, events or circumstances that don’t warrant the level of attention or angst, we invite antipathy to those experiences. We double down on our angst through worry and make the mole hill into mountain. In doing so, we rob ourselves of joy and we step closer to bankrupting ourselves emotionally when the next, inevitable and real crisis occurs. We also rob ourselves and others of our availability. We lose the moment.

I have meaningful connections to make today. You do too. First, with self. Then with those whom we share time, place and space. Beautifully and profoundly, we also have those unexpected encounters with the “stranger”, the person with whom we will connect because we were available in the moment.

So, life will dish and do so harshly at times. It is the way of things and when it comes you will need all the resources you can muster. Until then, let’s agree not to miss moments of connection and beauty, by allowing ourselves to be knocked off purpose by the relatively minor or even meaningless distractions that seek our attention.

Relegate the little things back into the category they belong. In truth, they are almost all little things. Chose powerfully what you allow to occupy your attention. You only have this one life and it’s over in a flash.

I don’t know if you needed to hear this today. I just know I did.

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