Camino Amigo Series. Meet David Wen... • Faulkner Group
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Camino Amigo Series. Meet David Wen…

David Wen is my friend. I consider him a close friend and someone I trust. I feel as if I have known David for years. Actually, we met in September while each walking the Camino de Santiago alone. We weren’t alone long. In just a few short days we became a collective of 10-12 pilgrims from all over the world who took time to connect, to share stories and to share time. As a result, friendships developed quickly. I spent a big chunk of my 34 days on the Camino walking with or around David.

My life has been blessed with some really amazing people I get to call friends. The Camino added David to that list. I thought I share a little insight into this fascinating person who has become my friend.

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