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A great deal of prep work goes in to a scene being shot on a motion picture set or television studio. Rehearsals, lights, sound, effects, not to mention the entire logistical and organizational operations required for the studio to be able to create in the first place. All necessary preparation in the execution of the production. But at some point, someone says “action!”

To be sure, corners cut almost always leads to a deficiency of quality. I hope it goes without saying that preparation along with aptitude is essential for any endeavor to result in work worthy of being created. Any yet…

So many capable people walk right up to the blocked line on the stage, prepared more than adequately, talented beyond their own perception, yet unable to deliver when they hear “action!” What produces such paralysis? Why is inaction justified or excused? What causes so many to resist the opportunity to leap?

Failure perhaps? We fear it. Some expect it. Some believe they are only worthy OF it. So, we redo our prep. We take another course. We ask another friend to be a sounding board to our plan or vision. We consult our “coach(es)” and find good reasons to move a few subtle steps backwards, away from our purpose/passion/vision.

If you see yourself in this description, don’t fret. I do too. Many do. And then it happens. Whatever the inspiration, some who have struggled for decades with their hesitation reach their launch point and they leap.

This blog is a bit of that for me. I endeavor to encourage a conversation about life, purpose and connection. I have repeatedly flirted with this for more than a decade. The time for flirting is past and its time to leap.

“There are costs and risks to a program of action, but they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.”


What is your thing? Your hustle? What is the primary reason you are hesitating? If you gig is to be a world class surgeon, helping people get the procedures they need to live, then PLEASE, take some time to go to med school, residency, etc. If your dream is to design to most killer app to facilitate so yet unmet need to make life easier, safer or more efficient, it might be best if you understood the principles of app development and ecommerce.

If you still have foundation left to pour, do THAT work first. But if you prep is adequate, your foundation poured, and plans established then get building. The world needs your art. It needs your meaningful work (Meaningful Work, Shaun Askinosie). The world needs you doing work that matters (, Seth Godin).

There is much to learn from fear. However, fear tells a seductive and selective truth. Fear usually isn’t a liar, except in the conclusions is encourages us to draw. Fear has something very tangible for us if we listen. But don’t listen too long or too deep. Learn from fear. Embrace its lessons. Then, act.

The world is waiting for you. The world is waiting for me. Step up. Lean in. Do the work, work that matters. Leap!

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