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Our Mission


What is the impact you want to have on the world? That question, posed by Tom Bilyeu on his Impact Theory program is the basis for my “why?” It has both helped and haunted me. As I write these words from my middle age fingers, I marvel at the wonder and beauty I have experienced in life. I marvel also at the challenges and pain I have known in my life and in the lives of those with whom I share this journey.It all has contributed to the person I am today. This me is a kaleidoscope of ideas and experiences accumulated from life so far.I love my life and yet I sometimes look back and wonder… what might be if I had taken the chance, stepped out, took risk earlier on my journey instead of playing it safe? Determined to not get to the finish line having played it safe, I’m stepping out.This is my art, my contribution to the world.

The why? To connect. We desperately need it. We often resist connection and its absence has led us to a frightening current reality. I’ve been a connector all my life. I have no intention of stopping now. This blog is about doing just that.Whatever days remain for me will be lived on purpose and true to my core. I invite you to join me. Connect with me. Facilitate connection by being a part of a conversation. Choose dialogue, empathy and connection over “rightness.” Choose conversation and understanding over that angry voice shouting into the abyss of social media. Resist the sorting that we have embraced and cross over into understanding through cooperation and collaboration.Don’t fear. You need not compromise who you are and what you hold true in order to listen and understand. And maybe, just maybe, cooperation and collaboration fuel connection. Connection can heal this world and set us on a trajectory we humans are so capable of.

Contact & collaborations

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Make A Difference

Children’s Justice Center

Hope is a powerful thing. The Children’s Justice Center breathes hope. Since 1990, the Arthur D. Curtis Children’s Justice Center has been the arm of justice and the voice of advocacy for the most vulnerable in our community. The CJC utilizes a multidisciplinary team to provide a haven for child victims of abuse.  At the same time, the Center works with local law enforcement and courts to bring the perpetrators of crimes against those children to justice. The primary objective is the safety, healing, and well-being of these children while those committing these crimes are prosecuted fully.


In the past decade, the CJC has:

  • Received 24,541 referrals of suspected felony-level child abuse
  • Investigated 3,665 cases
  • Convicted 1,612 perpetrators
  • Resulting in more than 152,585 months of confinement


There are many needs in an active, vibrant community. I suggest none more dire, desperate, and pressing than helping to provide protection, counseling, and safety for our most vulnerable, our children.

If you are inclined, please consider donation to the amazing work done by the CJC. I can think of no worthier cause.